The Annotated Bibliography is a collection of curated links to research literature on AV topics.

Software Visualization

TitleSoftware Visualization
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsStasko, J. T., J. Domingue, M. H. Brown, and B. A. Price
PublisherMIT Press
CityCambridge, MA, USA
ISBN Number0262193957

A good overview of the field of Software Visualization, which includes algorithm visualization. This book sets the context of algorithm visualization, and collects a lot of disparate knowledge available at the time. Like any book at this point in history, it is intrinsically harder to come by than the research papers on which it is based. But this book is better unified than simply a collection of the associated papers. It is somewhat dated, in that nearly all of the material comes from the early/mid 1990’s, and so it completely pre-dates the Java revolution (I don’t think Java is even mentioned in the book). Therefore, none of the systems described are still used. But many of the ideas on developing AVs are useful to modern developers.